Submitted by Henry Bohne, Post 19 member

Wild Boar Hunting

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A Wild Boar Hunt!

A flyer announced an adventure for my shipmates. A guided hunt for a Wild Boar.

My ship, the USS Cassin Young, DD-793 was making a liberty call at Izmir, Turkey. Several activities were being promoted, the boar hunt generated quite a bit of interest. Hunters were to provide their own guns.

Well, on board a destroyer, what else was available? The M1 Garand – with military ammunition. This was not a safari to kill big game, but the only guns were the M1s and the military ammunition. That didn’t deter the potential hunters.

Approval was given and the Gunners Mates were put in charge. They checked out the would-be hunters with the M1s. Only those who qualified were given permission to sign out a rifle.

By the way, I didn’t sign up for this ‘adventure’. I later heard many versions of the hunt, a lot of different stories about the hunt. My main source of information was Gene Helt, a member of my Sonar Gang, who was a hunter that day.

On the day of the hunt, the shooters went ashore with great expectations. This was an adventure, a day to relish, a day to remember. It was definitely a break from sea duty, patrolling in the Med.

They were met with the guides. Soon they were in their shooting positions. Then ‘beaters’ moved out and tried to drive the wild boars into range of the shooters. After a long wait with nothing, finally a sound, a movement, a target.

BANG! A carcass dropped!

What is it? A trophy wild boar? A prize winner for the shooter?

Nah – it’s a farmer’s goat. A GOAT? Yes, a goat, and the farmer was upset that we killed his goat.

Of course, he demanded reparation. After all, it was his favorite and prized possession. The shooter’s shipmates made donations to meet the farmer’s demands.

And the hunting party returned to the ship – with the stories of the day’s adventure. Needless to say, there were many versions.

The true story, yeap, somebody shot a goat!