2017-2018        Post Officers and Auxiliary Officers

Position Name Contact
Commander Patty Reese commander@post19
Sr. Vice Commander Fred DeBerry webmaster@post19.org
Jr. Vice Commander Kim Mason  
Adjutant James Wilhoit adjutant@post19.org
Finance Officer Sara Rowan finance@post19.org
Service Officer Vacant  
Chaplain Bruce Feltman chaplain@post19.org
Historian Vacant  
Sergeant At Arms
Tom Mechler
Sr. Color Bearer Dave Model sr_colorbearer@post19.org
Jr. Color Bearer Fritz Cerney helmutcerney@comcast.net
Boy Scouts Tom Mechler sargent_at_arms@post19.org
James Wilhoit
Law and Order James Wilhoit adjutant@post19.org
Webmaster Fred DeBerry webmaster@post19.org